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  • The Job Seeker

    Stand out in a competitive job market by demonstrating your in-depth understanding and adherence to security best practices to potential employers. This assures employers you won't pose a security risk and highlights your proactive approach to protecting sensitive information.

  • The Employee

    Showcase your commitment to cybersecurity in your workplace. This proactive step protects the company from indirect threats and highlights your dedication to safety, making you a valuable candidate for any career advancement opportunities.

Why become a Security & AI-Aware Employee?

Here are just a few reasons why you should become a security-aware employee.

  • Employers highly regard candidates and employees who proactively understand and apply security measures.

  • AI-threats are on the rise and will become a major challenge for all organizations.

  • Secure your digital presence and ensure you're not an easy target.

  • Receive free security updates by

  • Get free professional help by's team of experts whenever needed.

  • After an oral exam and a full security audit, you'll get a personal recommendation by the founder of on LinkedIn that will boost your professional profile.

  • Add your certification to your resume or CV.

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  • Free Course

    The course itself is free to take!

  • Final exam

    The final oral exam which includes a security audit costs 199 USD.

Course curriculum

    1. A word from's founder

    2. How to get certified as a "Security & AI-Aware Employee" by

    1. Identifying Critical Online Accounts and Platforms

    2. Evaluating the Sensitivity of the Information You Hold

    3. Google yourself

    1. How are you managing your passwords?

    2. How do you store your passwords?

    3. Creating Strong, Unique Passwords

    4. Utilizing Password Management Tools

    5. Passkeys - The Death of Passwords?

    1. Understanding 2FA (MFA) and Its Importance

    2. Enabling 2FA for Various Accounts

    3. Hardware Security Keys

    4. Advanced Security 2FA for Facebook

    5. Advanced Security 2FA for Google/Gmail

    6. Secure your online bank account and your phone service provider's account

    1. Privacy Settings and Visibility Controls

    2. Managing Third-Party Apps and Permissions

    1. Recognizing Phishing Attempts

    2. Setting Up Spam Filters

About this course

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  • 38 lessons

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of

I appreciate your trust in our service and your support of our mission. Our team is actively working to protect people from cybercrime and hold companies accountable for flawed security practices and lack of human support. We have created a cybersecurity standard called the "Security & AI-Aware Employee," so employers can quickly understand that you're a safe choice.