Why I started Hacked.com

After becoming a father to a daughter and a son, I’ve become more anxious about how they might be exploited or misused in our new digital world. They are still too young to have social media accounts but actively use iPads to watch Netflix and play children’s games.

There are too many horror stories of girls and boys, women and men, being exploited online. It can range from identity theft, online shaming, hacked accounts, stolen images, blackmail, and more. The victims are often in no position to handle the crime themselves or remove harmful online information. It does not help that the police underprioritize these crimes.

Criminals and online bullies should not be allowed to get away with activities that can seriously damage their victims. Both physically and mentally. 

I’ve established Hacked.com to help people in dire situations and act as a protection agency that can handle cases that the police won’t prioritize.

We have a team of highly skilled communicators and security experts; we know how to take down online information and recover hacked accounts. We protect our clients’ privacy. Confidentiality and privacy are key pillars of our operation.

Yours Truly,
Jonas Borchgrevink, 

Director and Founder of Hacked.com

You can view his LinkedIn profile here. Read more about Jonas Borchgrevink on his website here.

Since 2020, we’ve assisted over 14,500 clients globally with significant security challenges. We serve clients fluent in English, Norwegian, or Spanish. Our approach is aligned with the NIST 800-61 Computer Security Incident Handling Guide.

Hacked.com is a Cybersecurity Company

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We protect people from hackers and online criminals. We recover and remove content. We fight cybercrime.

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