Course curriculum

    1. A word from the founder

    2. Get professional help from's security experts

    1. Signs of an Incident

    2. Need to know

    1. Important first steps

    1. Understanding the Different Types of Facebook Business Recovery

    2. Accessing Meta's Support Team

    1. Information needed to Recover a Facebook Business Page

    2. Ways to Prove Ownership of Business Asset

    3. Other Helpful Information

    1. Putting Your Document Together

    2. Document Template 1 (When you have a credit card that was used for the business asset)

    3. Document Template 2 (If there are no credit cards attached to the account)

    4. Submitting Your Meta Request

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Some of our Testimonials

“Facebook disabled my personal account, evidently because I tried to use a password that was no longer valid. I followed the Facebook instructions to reactivate the account, but Facebook never responded. gave me immediate expert assistance, spent a great deal of time pinning down the problem, and provided a high level of professionalism and service that most companies today can’t even dream of. And did what was needed to help me to keep in touch with my 160,000+ friends on Facebook. I’m grateful, and I wish that Facebook would put in charge of its customer service.”

Alan Grayson, Former Congressman

“Samburaj was knowledgeable and efficient. He walked me expertly through retrieving my FB account which seemed to be locked irrevocably in the death cycle. I appreciate his patience and expertise. I would highly recommend to anyone whose had their social media accounts taken hostage as mine were.”

Kristi Balzer

“Aaron W was FABOULUS!!!! I was hacked on FB and was recommended to me and they were worth every cent and THEY ARE A REAL COMPANY!!! I am so happy with their customer service!!!!”

Denise Davila Smith

“My Hacked "Expert" was in one word efficient. He communicated before our session about what I would need to do beforehand. I received email reminders about the session date and call. My account was restored in a timely manner, the expert then went through all the settings and places where the hackers might have changed my information and settings. We checked all of my social media platforms and reset security settings in each to help me secure my accounts for the future.”

Candie Lanyon

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of

I appreciate your trust in our service and your support of our mission. Our team is actively working to protect people from cybercrime and hold companies accountable for flawed security practices and lack of human support. We have created a cybersecurity standard called the "Security & AI-Aware Employee," so employers can quickly understand that you're a safe choice.